10 Asian countries with the richest person number one

e-sukses.com. in every country there must be poor people, as well as rich people, and e-sukses.com discusses 10 countries with the richest people in the country

1.Top  Richest People of Bangladesh

Being a poverty stricken country, in Bangladesh, the ratio of rich people to poor people is quite unreal.

Meagre economy and low GDP have made people of Bangladesh struggle a lot financially.

Yet, the number of millionaires overwhelms the reality of economic condition of Bangladesh! The top 10 richest Bangladeshi people and their asset info are stated below:

Mr Musa Bin Shamser, the richest immigration prince of Dhaka

The founder of DATKO group, Musa Bin Shamser has so far earned 1.5 billion dollars from his immigration business. He is the richest person among many other money makers in Bangladesh.

Musa is known as Prince Musa in Bangladesh. He lives in a lavish bungalow in the capital city of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

2.Top  Richest People of India

 Mr Mukesh Ambani

The Chairman of the Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani has grown richer by $16.9 billion in 2018 with the net worth $40.1 billion, according to the Forbes magazine. In 2017, he was on the 33rd position in the magazine’s list with the net worth of $23.2 billion. Ambani climbed up to the 19th global rank on the Forbes’ list of 2,208 billionaires worldwide this year.

3.Top  Richest People of Malaysia

Robert Kuok



Robert Kuok is the richest man in Malaysia. He owns Kuok Group, which has interest in hotels, real estate and commodities.
He founded internationally renowned Shangri-la Hotels in Singapore in 1971.
His nephew Kuok Khoon Hong runs Wilmar International, which comprises the majority of his fortune.

4.Top  Richest People of Singapure

Robert & Philip NG

Top on the list are brothers Robert and Philip NG. The two control Far East Organization, which is the largest private landlord and property developer in Singapore. A good chunk of the two brother’s wealth comes from their investment in Hong Kong Based Tsim Sha Tsui Properties.

The two also own the Sino Group considered as one of the leading properties companies in Hong Kong. The group is made up of three publicly traded companies including Tsim Sha Tsui Properties, Sino Hotels Holdings, and Sino Land Company Limited. The two also invest in club management and hotel development.

5.Top  Richest People of  Philippines

Ironman: Wilfred Steven Uytengsu Jr.

The Philippines boasts the label “Asia’s triathlon capital” thanks to the Alaska Milk chairman. Uytengsu’s Sunrise Events group brought the iconic Ironman races to the country a decade ago and has expanded to six headline-grabbing events.

6.Top  Richest People of  Pakistan

 Shahid Khan

Shahid Khan on 1st position in Top 10 Richest Man in Pakistan and born in Lahore also known as Shad Khan. American very rich person and business investor. Also He is the proprietor of the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League Later on he had gone to USA. Now also he is also top list of Richest Man in the world.
His Net worth 7.2 billion USD in 2017

7.Top  Richest People of  Thailand

 Brothers Chearavanont

Four siblings draw their wealth from Charoen Pokphand Group, one of the world’s largest producers of animal feed and livestock.
Their father Chia Ek Chor, along with his brother Choncharoen Chiaravanont, opened a shop selling seeds imported from China to Thai farmers in 1921.
Dhanin Chearavanont, the youngest, was CP’s chairman and CEO for 48 years until he stepped down in 2017 but remains senior chairman.
Dhanin’s eldest son, Soopakij, 53, and the youngest, Suphachai, 50, are CP’s chairman and CEO, respectively.

8.Top  Richest People of  China

 Huateng Ma

Net worth: $41.8 billion

Chairman, Tencent Holdings

The son of a port manager, Ma studied computer science at Shenzen University before starting his career in telecommunications. Known as Pony Ma, he launched Tencent alongside four college classmates in 1998, and now serves as its chairman and CEO.

Tencent is one of the largest internet companies in the world and counts social networks, e-commerce, payment systems and games among its services.

9.Top  Richest People of  Brunai

Sultan of Brunei Net Worth

Sultan of Brunei net worth:

$20 Billion

Sultan of Brunei net worth: The Sultan of Brunei, also known as Hassanai Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah, has a net worth of $20 billion. Born on July 15, 1946, in Brunei Town, the Sultan was already the crown prince by 1961, and became sultan in October of 1967. Incidentally, he also has many honorary doctorates from universities, including the National University of Singapore, and the University of Oxford, England, UK. As Sultan, he has complete and total authority. As if that wasn’t satisfying enough, he is the Prime Minister of Brunei as well.

10.Top  Richest People of  Japan

Tadashi Yanai: $21.1 Billion

One of the wealthiest self-made men in the world, Tadashi Yanai is a retail tycoon who saw a 65% increase in international sales for his Uniqlo brand between 2014 and 2015. The 66-year-old started out selling kitchenware in the 1970s, before opening his first standalone store in Hiroshima in 1984.

Yanai saw a near $3 billion bump in his year-over-year net worth from 2014, reclaiming the top spot from Masayoshi Son.