20 How to organize household finances that are proven successful

The financial families need to how to set up, ranging from getting to know, know the pattern, to control and evaluation 

All for the sake of improvement in terms of finance or financial in domestic life from time to time

Here’s 20 Ways organize household finances e-sukses.com version:


If you are in the house suffered stuk or clogged, especially in financial terms, then a short break and correction

may worship and prayer are not balanced, mintah continue in the same sustenance God’s love, but Worship We even much less ask

Need a self-evaluation of self and family closeness to God, immediately introspection both as a husband and a wife

and remember! not because trapped so rashly take kepuutusan even violated God 

One small example, such as Muslims, to Borrow Money with interest is usury and certainly not in ridhoi God’s family 

2.Pola Thought

Reinforce good perspective as a wife or husband, because through sensory information will form the mindset and result in behavior or action

Remember! If you earn 500 thousand per month, then set immediately do mengelug less and nothing on the tube

Keep in mind that you both husband and wife you are a all-sufficient

Because see your neighbors there are also only a month produce 200 thousand per month and they still live without stealing and robbing

it all depends on who is in your mind 

3. Lifestyle

Most families can not save and invest because the wrong lifestyle and considered it as well as a habit or habit

Immediately rubuah your pattern, if this time you and your partner always pay a premium because of ego and prestige

then immediately turned back, people can patronize you but can not help you constantly if you are sick; 30 days

Is there in this world that some rich family life eating only cassava with grilled fish and his family a very Happy

The answer very much, they are rich in simple life patterns while you are barely fit, competed exceed Billionaires

4. commitment

Not a few families who already know bajet keuanganya, but a commitment to keep running to obey is a heavy

Then, continue on the establishment, if you want to save 200 thousand per month from your total income of 500 thousand is imperative

And the most important is long-term and should not be taken, or taken if reinvested, ranging from investments to be reached

5. Active Income

Initially if there had been little capital from savings, for example 200K times in 10 months, it can be 2 million

The main step is traded what and start selling that began to produce, ranging from small and gradually crucial runs

6. Passive Income

If the active business income is already running through it, you start thinking about how money can give birth and continue childless (add) 

and nambahpun without your direct involvement or already submitted to the managers of their own, even this if you already have less capital than active income

7. Dare to Get Started

If there is an opportunity to raise finance in the family, then have the courage to start a business or investment 

although small as an important sekecilnya any mandatory start seeing opportunities, one is correct or not advanced forward start first

new evaluation hereinafter which are already running and still can not proceed as well as the constraint that live and solution

8. Sustainable Analysis

If business and family finances already developed then, always in the analysis, why in this product is less produce

why in this day income down, why on this month in the family finances were difficult and beyond

9. Talk

Get used to communicate things keuaangan and business or business to partner eg wife or husband

in order to create continuous communication, plans and objectives are all communicated or talking together

10. Margin Large Enterprises

In raising finance through venture or supply and sales, the thing to note is

Select penjualanya large margin products, for example, you buy 500 thousand and you sell 30,000 thousand rupiah

in this way causing your kecilpun capital to stay in business, without usury without chased chased dept colector hehehe

11.usaha Small Capital

In starting a business to increase the family finances, then in a pioneering effort, if not have space to shop then make first wagon

If you have not got the wagon then, cook it yourself at home and wrap well as selling food first box

so shall dare to sell without prestige without shame

12. Avoid Speculation

Enterprises should not be too much speculation as, if this purchase will be sold for so much and for so many, mostly speculation

can cause a bankruptcy in your business and this is very disturbing financial stability of your household

13. Details

All income and financial expenses in detail even though your income for 500 thousand 

Because most families can not save finances only for reasons of revenue is still small

So that the financial records is not necessary, it is opinion or perception of a misnomer, because it can destroy and disperse you during this Kauangan

14. Stability ego Couples

Ego and prestige in the exhaust jau away, and keep working and do whatever you can do and produce uanga

Most people pay a premium just because of their pride, do not want to make it and it is making money because of ego and prestige

15. Fertilizer Properties Delayed Gratification

If you already have enough money to buy a Hp (mobile) try to delay at least 1 day or more

By delaying you cancel your purchase and more focused on efforts to better produce 

16. Always in evaluation

Every week or every month is always open financial evaluation of the family as well as ways and strategies to improve the way financial coverage

17. Mutual Correction

If the husband of the wife reminded, and also if the wife is wrong then the husband shall remind

Remind each other both family finances and other family interests, mutual thanks for the correction

18. The Power off trapped Tearapkan

Take care if you already committed commitments remedy to save 200 thousand per month and the new mid-currency turns the meal is over

then strtegi the power off this destitute were implemented, whatever the conditions remained negligible savings and stay safe in storage

19. Panismen (Sentences) yourself

Give punishment if there is a target that can not be achieved, if in this month in improving the financial targets is 600 thousand rupiah

And it was only 500 thousand rupiah, then please punish themselves. For example, by running every morning 1km or other

20. reword (give) Gift Make yourself

If what you do succeed, then you also have to give the most beautiful gift for you and your beautiful couple

Gifts need not be expensive expensive, important valuable and useful for families