Businesses that have big profits in small capital Today’s business needs capital, but there are businesses that have small capital even without capital and big profits

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And it turns out that there is even a lot and requires business knowledge and observance in seeing opportunities

In this increasingly sophisticated age, we are easily facilitated in many ways. No exception in making money without even capital.

You can become a millionaire, even at a very young age. No need to wait for high school or take a very expensive class.

You only need to be passionate about continuing to practice and develop yourself. Especially if you have a unique ability that few people can.

1. youtube player

The last few years can be said to be the year of the Youtuber, including in Indonesia. Youtube has successfully attracted millennials to create their content in the form of videos.

Youtube can be an alternative platform for those of you who lack confidence in writing. Only using a smartphone, you can create very interesting content. The more creative and different, the more your content will be liked by many people

2. author of articles and books

Being a writer does not have to hold a bachelor’s degree first. You only need to read a lot of story books, novels, or the like to hone writing skills.

In addition, you need to practice writing a lot while adding interesting vocabulary. Try to write on several media that provide community platforms. For example, at the IDN Times Community. You can get millions of rupiah, as well as being popular because many people like your writing.

The more mature your writing, the chance to make a book or get a bigger job will come by itself.

3. comic writer

Are you one of the fans of comic strips like on Webtoon or Ciayo? Many interesting comics, right?

You don’t need any capital, except creativity and drawing ability. Drawing tutorials also have a lot on the internet, without having to take special classes. They also often hold competitions with prizes of hundreds of millions of many.

4.Reseller atau dropshipper

Until now, online business continues to grow and there is no death. In fact, successful online businesses shift the popularity of offline shops.

Becoming a reseller does not require capital to have the items you sell. You only need to be smart to find items that will be popular or sell well. After that, you only need to markup the price or get a special price from the store you are working with.

5.Selling services

Sometimes, technological sophistication makes a person tend to be lazy. Especially now that anything can be purchased through an online application.

Well, you can use it to reap comparable benefits. For example, being a provider of food queues, tickets, or the like. It sounds trivial, but it can be very profitable. Don’t believe it, try it yourself!

6.Recycle waste material
There have been many people who use garbage piles in Indonesia. They managed to make it a high-value art item.

You only need tough tenacity to succeed in this field. There are many things you can create, such as bags, pots, toys, and others.

Well, that’s 6 things you can do to make as much profit as possible with minimal capital, even zero rupiah. But, everything can’t be a moment. You must remain resilient and consistently achieve your dreams