Hits Top 5 Travel Destinations in Eastern Indonesia

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Indonesian part beautiful scenery and charm that not many in the know in the eastern part of Indonesia

1. Banda Neira

Located in Central Maluku district Banda Islands, Banda Neira, formerly known as nutmeg trade center when the Dutch colonization. If you are interested in visiting this site, you can go to several locations remains of the ruins of the Dutch colonial era as Belgica Fortress.

Not only that, for the sea lovers sempatkanlah to visit some of the beautiful islands in Banada Neira like island Hatta, Nailaka and Rhon known to have a beautiful white sandy beach. Not only that, the third island also known as the location for snorkeling  and  diving  best in Banda Neira.

In addition to enjoying the activities on the beach, you can enjoy the panoramic beauty of the island from a height of 650 meters and climbing Mount Banda.

2. Raja Ampat

Destinations located in West Papua has become one of the destinations that are popular among domestic and foreign tourists. It was none other, for its underwater beauty stunning and included as one of sati of the 10 best dive sites in the world.

For those of you who want to visit this location are advised to come in groups given the transportation cost is quite expensive. If you come in groups, at least you will cut transportation costs little to Raja Ampat.

3. Ternate

Famous for the Maitara and Kepulaaun Tidore who was in Ternate Rp1,000 banknotes into one of the destinations that can be visited in East Indonesia. There are many things you can do on the island, ranging from enjoying the view from the mountain slopes Gamalama, enjoy the beauty Tolire and snorkeling in the waters around the island.

Not only that, for you history lovers can visit some colonial era fort like Kastela, Promise City and Fort Oranje.

4. Togean

Togean in Tomini, Central Sulawesi has become the best snorkeling and diving locations, because Togean is home to beautiful marine park that is equipped with a diversity of coral reefs and marine life are protected as giant whales, green sea turtles to manta rays.

5. Kei Islands

Located in southeast Maluku, the Kei Islands have beautiful white sandy beaches.

Besides diving and snorkeling, tourists can also choose to dive in Hawang Cave, which is connected with a natural spring named Evu.

These islands are also home to pelicans migrate from Australia and Papua New Guinea. For lovers of history, you can visit the Cave Luvat which is a cave with walls decorated with prehistoric paintings