the 20 most rare animal you can only find in indonesia

Translate By Google : You must know animals that are rare or almost extinct, and of which there are in Indonesia, here are 20 rare animals in indonesia

1. The First There is an animal similar to Cat Here, Namely Ocleot

Animals named cleot is indeed a glance looks very similar to the cat but has feathers like a leopard guys. Ocleot live extensively throughout America, you know, they eat monkeys and birds in the trees, relying on sharp fangs and claws to kill prey quarry.

2. Second There Animals That Have Similar Elephant Trunk, ie Tapir

Animals named tapir has a very unique body part you know. He has a rather long nose section resembles an elephant’s trunk guys, and these animals generally live in forested areas in North and South America, Asia as well as Indonesia know. But the animal will not be easy to see this one, because her life is always in the woods and he was very shy.

3. Next There Pet Yang Similar Ram, ie Anoa

Does indeed lose at first glance looks like a goat, but the size is much different you know. Animals that live on the island of South Sulawesi This is the kind of herbivores and do not endanger guys. But if he feels threatened he would butting with sharp horns.

4. If That’s His life at the Seabed Guys, That Fish Wolves or Wolf Fish

Have you ever seen a fish-shaped strange and sinister look like these guys? You will never see it unless you dive into the sea in the know. Wolf wolf fish or live fish in the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, and the fish is very rarely encountered by humans unless you’re right – really lucky.

5. Still in Animal Sea, Next There Betel or Frilled Shark

If the fish is indeed seen this one does not like sharks at all, but the fact that the animal is entered in the species of shark you know guys. Shark has a long body and a head like a betel leaf is already included animal rare and difficult to find, these sharks living in the Pacific Ocean, so for those of you who want to see it in person, you can go to the Pacific Ocean.

6. Who Sangka Animals Which One Is It the Sea Cucumber, ie Cthulhu Larva

It turns out the animals named Cthulhu are species of sea cucumber larvae guys. Having an odd shape and unusual of sea cucumber in general, Cthulhu These larvae are usually found 1000m below sea level, deep enough also to a sea cucumber. And one animal also includes rare species know.

7. Next There Jalak Bali Guys

Who does not know this one bird? Bali starling bird is already included rare guys. And this bird you can only find in Bali, you know, having a size of about 25cm and has a distinctive crest makes this bird looks gorgeous. Too many illegal arrests, finally this one bird be protected birds and endangered species.

8. Next There Animals : Blue Sea Slug

It turns out that this one includes animal species of snails, you know guys, surely you see the animals first this one thought that this animal is a fish, right? but in fact this is a snail. Blue slug that has a similar shape as the fish you can only meet in the Pacific Ocean.

9. Kangguru Pohon Wondiwoi Guys

Animals including kangaroo species can only guys you meet in Papua. Due to poaching, the number of animals on this one progressively reduce, and eventually became a protected animal. Indeed, they are very much like a ferret, but these animals are tree kangaroos.

10. There are also Rare : Katak Ungu India

India purple frogs are animals including rare, you know guys, unlike the general frog, purple frog India has a great body but has a small head. In addition, the frog that this one has a purple color as poisonous frogs, and is nearly extinct know.

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11. If Tadi There Sharks Endangered, Endangered Here Now There whales, ie Narwhal

If before there was a rare sharks, whales turn now ya guys. Animals named Narwhal is different from the pope in general, you know, because at the end of the heads is a very long horns and sharp. This horn serves for protection from predators, and these animals are already on the verge of extinction guys.

12. Then There are also fish Bats Red Lips

Animals that this one has a body part and face the strange guys. He had lips like humans and have legs, unlike the fish in general have a fin. Fish this one also was on the verge of extinction and only can you find in the ocean floor that is in the know.

13. Still In The Sea, Next There are dolphin

Unlike the dolphins – dolphins have a long head, dolphins Mahakam has a head like a spoon guys. These animals including mammals living in freshwater and including rare animal, this animal was recorded live numbered 70 of the tail and can only be found in the Mahakam River.

14. Continue Into Animal Yangka Next, Namely Atretochoana

Definitely the first time you see this animal think that this is a species of eel, but this animal is a snake, you know guys. Atretochoana is a snake that has a head shaped betel leaves and do not have eyes, these animals also become virtually extinct because of hunters who he said is very nutritious meat.

15. In addition to the Bali Starling, There’s Also Why Rare Birds, ie Kakapo

Bird called the kakapo is included cockatoo species that can not fly, you know guys. Although it has a fairly wide wings, do not think that this one bird can fly high. This endangered bird you can only encounter in New Zealand and only a few of the tail.

16. If That It Includes insect species, ie the Venezuelan Poodle Moth

Indeed, they look a little creepy, but this one belonged animal insect species guys. Animals named Venezuelan Poodle Moth is found in Venezuela in 2009 and only you can find in Venezuela just guys. And animals that one is also endangered know.

17. Still In Insect species, ie Hummingbird Hawk-Moth

If at first glance it does look like a bird, but this animal belongs to the species of insect you know. Hummingbird Hawk-Moth is an insect of the same species of butterfly – butterfly, and already on the verge of extinction guys. The pet food is the nectar of flowers, like butterflies – butterflies.

18. Subsequently There Olm Animal Bernama

Animals named Olm is indeed much like a snake but has feet and looks like a dragon ya guys. Olm are amphibians that can only be you encountered in Europe, and this one turns animals including species of lizard know. He lived in a cave – underground caves and rarely looks human.

19. Next There are also Ichthyophis Kohtaoensis

Ichthyophis kohtaoensis is endangered amphibian native Cambodia guys. Purple and yellow color along the body and is very rarely encountered humans because animals are very shy on this one. But they were not all snakes in general, this animal only has a half length.

20. The Last There Dugong Animal Bernama

Marine animals called dugong is you can only meet in the waters of northern Australia guys. These animals including mammals already on the verge of extinction because of poaching are eyeing the meat and fins. And it turns out this is not a species of animal you know with dolphins – dolphins even though it looks like.